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The Citizen 2022

Transforming Kollam to a Totally Constitution Literate District.

The Citizen 2022 is a Constitution Literacy Campaign jointly organized by the Kollam district planning committee District Panchayat and Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA), to transform Kollam into a totally Constitution Literate District.

The campaign is to be executed by the Local Bodies of the District with the participation and support of all sections of society. The objective is to declare the District of Kollam as totally constitution literate.

Over seven lakh families in the district will be educated on the basic principles of the constitution.

The Citizen 2022!

Transforming Kollam to a Totally Constitution Literate District.


Constitution Literate Families


Constitution Literate Citizens.


Preamble Installed.




Constitution literacy campaign inaugurated.

The Constitution of India is the force that unites the Indian people and we have to do a lot to protect and study it, said Finance Minister K.N. Balagopal. District Panchayat Chairman Sam K. Daniel presided over the function, while Minister of Livestock and Dairy Development J. Chinchu Rani released the model of the preamble to be distributed as part of the campaign. Mayor Prasanna Earnest introduces constitutional values ​​and PC Vishnunath MLA launches The Citizen 2022 website. M. Noushad, MLA and regional collector Afsana Parveen also spoke at the event. About 3,000 people from various Local bodies in the region were trained to educate the public about the constitution.

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