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The Citizen 2022

Transforming Kollam to a Totally Constitution Literate District.

The Citizen 2022 is a Constitution Literacy Campaign jointly organized by the Kollam district planning committee District Panchayat and Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA), to transform Kollam into a totally Constitution Literate District.

The campaign is to be executed by the Local Bodies of the District with the participation and support of all sections of society. The objective is to declare the District of Kollam as totally constitution literate.

Over seven lakh families in the district will be educated on the basic principles of the constitution.

The entire population around 23 lakhs above the age of 10 will be briefed on the given five topics;

The Historical Background of the Indian Constitution and its Preamble.
“What is Constitution”
Basic Principles of the Indian Constitution.
The Fundamental Rights and Duties.
Constitution and Judicial Courts

The simplest handbook on the above topics has been prepared by the Kerala Institute Local Administration Around 2000 volunteers from 73 local bodies have been trained on the five topics. These trained volunteers are known as “SENATORS”. The senators will reach out to the families and directly deliver the classes to the people

The trained Senators will offer two to three class sessions to each family on the five subjects.

A model on which the preamble of the Constitution is inscribed will be installed at all houses, institutions, schools, colleges and Govt offices. A handbook on “Our Constitution“ will also be distributed to all families.

The local bodies in the district will spearhead and execute the campaign. Each local body will set up a support system of socio-cultural organizations to coordinate the activities in each ward.

Everyone including government institutions, private establishments, social-cultural organizations, educational institutions, workers organizations, service organizations, business organizations and NGOs will be made participants.

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ഈ പേജ് നിങ്ങൾക്ക് മലയാളത്തിൽ വായിക്കാം